How We Verify If Products Are Halal

Posted on July 17, 2019

Ensuring that products on our site are authentically Halal is our highest priority. Our team uses different research methods and techniques to verify the Halal status of products. We aim to provide a wide range of Halal products with a clear understanding of what is Halal and what isn’t. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure authenticity.

  • Halal Certification:

An easy way to look for Halal products is to find companies that possess Halal Certification. A Halal certificate is issued by Muslim authorities in the producing country, where it is certified that the product fulfills the requirements demanded by Islamic Law for its consumption by Muslims.

  • Halal Ingredients:

Products without official Halal certification are verified via inspection of the product details and ingredients. We look at every single ingredient to ensure that the product does not contain any Haram elements.

  • Vegan Ingredients:

Vegan products are free of all animal by-products including pork and other meats considered Haram in Islam. But that’s not the only criteria we look for. We also determine if vegan products are Halal or not based on the presence of alcohol.

  • Kosher Products:

Kosher refers to a Jewish dietary framework which prohibits the use of pork, which is quite similar to Halal with a few exceptions, such as the use of alcohol. However, as we research we are always cautious to only pick kosher products and brands that fulfill the requirements for being Halal according to instructions stated in the Quran.

  • Cross-Referencing Using Other Sources:

For further confirmation and verification, the following websites were used as references:

Muslim Consumer Group
Halal in USA
List of Halal and Haram
Halal guider
Halal Haram list
List of Halal and Haram
Verify Halal
Open food facts

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