5 Best Halal Prenatal Vitamins

Posted on April 4, 2019

Vitamins taken prior to or during pregnancy are very helpful in ensuring the health of both mother and child. Here are our 5 best halal prenatal vitamins which have been formulated to fulfill the nutritional needs of every expectant mother.

Specially balance prenatal and postnatal nutrition plus DHA to support healthy fetal brain and eye development. Formulated with ginger to help ease stomach discomfort.

A specially balanced formula for key stages of motherhood: preconception, conception, and lactation. One of the most cost-effective halal brands on the market.
Price: $14.49

This prenatal formula helps strengthen a mother’s bones, maintains healthy skin, and supports healthy fetal development.
Price: $12.90

These expertly formulated prenatal gummy vitamins have targeted ingredients to support the needs of both mother and child. Also contains Omega-3 and DHA to support heart and brain development.
Price: $24.99

This product utilizes only certified organic folate (naturally occurring form of vitamin B9) from whole lemon peel extract. Folic acid plays an important role in prenatal development and supports cardiovascular health.
Price: $12.99

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