Best Quality Dates For Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner. Muslims all over the globe are busy preparing for the month of fasting. With the intention to make the most out of this Holy month, Muslims try to perform each and every fasting ritual to the fullest.

One of the rituals followed by Muslims is to break the fast with a date.  Dates aren’t just a sweet halal dessert but traditionally the first thing Muslims eat after a long day of fasting.  Among thousands of varieties available worldwide, it can be a hard job sometimes to find the ones with the best qualities. We picked and sorted the five best dates for Ramadan out of many available on Amazon. Here you go:


Al Ajwa Dates

They are soft, sweet, and highly nutritious. There is no wonder why they were hailed as Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) favorites.

Get 400 grams (imported from Saudi Arabia) on Amazon for $22.39

Hadley Date Gardens

These are pitted (seedless) and famous for their freshness and sweetness.
A 3.5 lbs pack for $25.00 on Amazon ensures you’ll have enough to break the fast and have a yummy dessert after your meal.

Medjool Dates by King Solomon

They taste like caramel and possess a soft and plump texture. They are larger than regular ones and because of that they are called “King Dates”.

Grab 500 gms for  $17.99 

Mariani Pitted Dates 

They are full of rich flavor, sweet taste, and soft texture that makes them exceptional.

Grab a 40 oz. pack for just $16.75 on Amazon.

Organic California Deglet Noor Dates

Here comes the sun-dried variety. They are delicious and a little extra sweet as they are dried organically.

Buy 2.5 lb pack for $27.00 on Amazon.